Property News Radio – Episode 4

//Property News Radio – Episode 4

Property News Radio – Episode 4

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On this week’s Property News Radio, we’ve got some really great new stories from planes, trains to automated home-building! We’ll also be discussing Channel 4’s relocation choices and Northern Powerhouse wins.

HS2 route confirmed!

A big story that’s understandably grabbing a lot of attention from property investors this week! Yes, the HS2 rail route has been confirmed. This is the second stage of HS2 – the London to Birmingham route has already been confirmed, and now the route beyond Birmingham to the Northern Powerhouse has been given the go-ahead. The biggest winner from this is undoubtedly Manchester with two HS2 stations and super-quick links from Manchester Airport to London – you’ll be able to travel to Manchester Airport from London in around the same time it would take you to get to Stansted, Luton or Southend. Incredible! Another big winner that has been sitting in the shadows of Manchester is Wigan. Top tip: keep an eye on this area, along with Crewe, they’ll benefit hugely from the HS2 route.

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£1bn investment programme to double the size of Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2

A headline that’s very much linked to the HS2 story. This week, Manchester Airport started a £1bn investment programme to double the size of its terminal 2. There’s a LOT of money going into Manchester Airport. Along with the introduction of the new HS2 station at the airport, you have a massive influx of jobs in this location over the next 30 years – doubling to 40,000, to be exact. Passenger footfall will also increase by 10 million. This is set to become an increasingly important transport hub for the UK – alongside Heathrow and Gatwick. A big investment win for Manchester and the North!

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Prefab sprout: off-the-peg homes bid to ease UK housing crisis

While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, prefab homes are the way forward – according to The Guardian. Hundreds of modular homes have already been built to order from a factory near Leeds as a cash-saving alternative to flatsharing. The first production run is already underway with a fully-furnished one-bed apartment taking just 7 days to complete! This is a huge investment from Legal & General Homes who are promising to build 3,500 flats and houses a year for 15% less, and deliver them around the country on the back of trucks. Many people are claiming this quick way of constructing homes is a genius way to solve the UK’s housing crisis. If this is successful, we may well see more of this type of production model. From a developer’s point of view, not only is the cost lower, the time to build is improved, too. In city centres, modular building could be the way the future goes…only time will tell!

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Economy of Leeds ‘grew faster’ than London since Northern Powerhouse was launched

And time for some economic news. Leeds and Manchester are the true Northern Powerhouses in term of grabbing all the headlines, but they are economically too. Since the creation of the Northern Powerhouse in 2014, we’ve seen London grow its economy by 6.9% but Leeds has raced miles ahead at 8%, with Manchester even further along at over 9%. Manchester and Leeds are both outperforming London in terms of economic growth which correlates with strong housing growth in these areas. This is really encouraging for the north and shows that it can, and does, stand on its own two feet. The Northern Powerhouse really is kicking on now and is reflected in the data we’re running through in this episode. Very powerful results from Leeds and Manchester.

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Plans to bring Channel 4 to Sheffield could boost economy by £1bn

One to watch! Channel 4 is planning to leave London, and is currently looking at other cities outside of the capital to set up base. Cities on the shortlist include Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield. The city seemingly putting the most effort in to attract the attention of the broadcasting giant is Sheffield. A lot of great PR is currently coming out of Sheffield in order to draw Channel 4’s huge investment away from the capital and to their city. Sheffield believes having Channel 4 relocate to the city could create a £1 billion boost to the local economy over the next 10 years, as well as 4,000 new jobs, and a kickstart to the media/creative sector in the city. We only have to look to Manchester to see the impact the BBC’s relocation has had – Sheffield obviously wants a taste of that. Keep an eye on Channel 4’s choice…it will have a positive impact.

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