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Ultimate Rich Dad Poor Dad Property Guide

Rich Dad Poor Dad Property Guide

We’re incurable bookworms at RMP, so when we talk to aspiring investors we always ask what books got them interested in property investment.

Over time, a pattern emerged: by far the most popular book that investors would mention was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

This prompted us to re-read the book for the first time in a decade, and we realised just what makes it so inspirational.

What Rich Dad Poor Dad can teach us about property investment

Rich Dad Poor Dad tells a simple story that conceals some powerful lessons:

  • Your own home isn’t an asset – Kiyosaki’s definition of assets and liabilities runs contrary to everything we’re normally taught about money.
  • You need to stop exchanging your time for money – instead, the rich build assets that earn them money totally independently of their own involvement.
  • Debt can be a good thing – if it’s used to buy assets. This is a crucial point for property investors to understand.
  • You’ve got to pay yourself first – meaning shifting your mindset so you prioritise investing for your future ahead of everything else.

These lessons, and others, have inspired tens of thousands of people to realise that having a job isn’t enough to secure financial freedom.

And property is a natural asset class to turn to: it’s something we intuitively understand, there’s access to debt, it doesn’t require any special skills, and you can do it alongside your day job.

The surprising thing is, even though it seems so obvious and Kiyosaki made most of his own fortune from property, the book hardly mentions property investment at all.

Get our “Ultimate Rich Dad Poor Dad Property Guide” – free!

When we re-read Rich Dad Poor Dad it felt like it needed a dedicated property guide to accompany it, making clear how all Kiyosaki’s lessons relate to property investment.

So we wrote one – and you can get it for FREE.

It’s within our Property Investment Toolkit, where you’ll also find:

  • The Seven Habits Of Successful Property Investors, where you can learn the small actions that drive property investors to success.
  • The ‘Sneaky Tips And Tricks’ Guide To Property Investment, to help you save time and money instantly with some rarely-discussed tactics.
  • Our UK Property Investment Guide, showing why the UK property market is an ideal investment for building long-term wealth.

Learn exactly how to apply the classic principles of Rich Dad Poor Dad to make passive income from property

You’ll learn:

  • How the tax advantages of property investment make it easier to “pay yourself first”.
  • How to identify opportunities based on Kiyosaki’s investment criteria.
  • Why obstacles in your own mind are holding you back, and what to do about it.

And lots more!

Download your free Property Investment Toolkit here.

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