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Property Investment Success in 3 steps

Property Investment Success in 3 Steps

Property Investment Success in 3 steps – Dream, Plan and Achieve

Many are guilty of trying to over complicate successful property investment. In reality it can be broken down into three simple steps. Anyone can achieve them; all you need to do is…

Dream, Plan and Achieve.

Let’s look at how you can activate these three simple steps to achieve property investment success.


If you don’t have a destination how will you know you’ve arrived?

Dreaming of, and setting up goals can change your life. It separates achievers from those who just get by and consequently miss the boat. Setting goals enables us to create the future we want rather than living a future that has been imposed on us by others.

It feels good to achieve your goals, and it’s easy to get started by setting goals that are realistic and accessible. You won’t have to fret about failing, however it’s only when you dream big that things really start to change for the better.

Dream Big

The biggest factor that prevents us from reaching our full potential is found in the mindset that we shouldn’t set big goals. Yet when big goals are planned we will often achieve far more than we thought possible. I highly recommend “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz to all property investors.


You might by now have identified your destination but if you don’t have a plan to get there you never will.

Planning for success involves two strands – strategy and education. Once you have set your big goals you need to develop a strategy to help you achieve them. It’s important that your shorter term plan is not too intimidating. Start small and build momentum, if you take on too much too soon, you are more likely to fail, which may encourage you to give up.

Take time to set out a long term plan and make sure that every week you’re taking positive steps that will help you to progress.

Once you have your strategy in place it’s likely you will need to invest some time in your education. It’s unlikely you will have all the knowledge and understanding you will require when you start out, and you will have many questions that need an answer. Make sure you invest your time wisely as this will be the best decision you will ever make.  Education is an ongoing process as issues develop, strategies evolve and needs change.


This is the fun part, where you begin to realise and enjoy the fruits of your labour. The great thing is if you apply steps one and two with persistence and passion you will reach stage three, achieve. However don’t stop now, make sure you continue to develop and grow!

The truth is that you can apply these three steps to achieving anything in life, now you have the power in your hands for great success, use it wisely!

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