Top 5 property articles in 2012

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Top 5 property articles in 2012

Top 5 property articles

Top 5 property articles in 2012

It has been a great year for readers of our RMP blog as we have given away tons of free content. We have looked back at the stats and identified the five most popular blogs this year.

1. Two books every property investor should read.

This short blog has been read by thousands of people. If you are new to property investment these are the first two books you should be reading.

2. Can I use my pension to buy property?

It hardly comes as a surprise that this blog has been popular as more and more people have lost faith in the traditional pension system. Using your pension might not be easy but you do have options.

3. Why we won’t sell student pods

This article caused a stir in the property investment industry but we published it for the right reasons. While there is so much hype surrounding student pods it’s important to look at the facts.

4. The biggest regret in property investment.

This blog has resonated with many experienced property investors, if you are new to property investment make sure you learn from our mistakes!

5. Is property a good investment?

A great question! We look at property vs other types of investment and help you decide if property is right for you.

We hope you have enjoyed all the content we have published this year. We look forward to giving you even more next year and helping as many people as possible realise their property investment dreams.

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