Five alternative property investor Apps

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Five alternative property investor Apps

Property investment Apps

We have looked previously and property investment apps and websites that can help you as an investor. However there are many other apps that may not be specifically designed for property investors but still offer great benefit.  Here are a few of our favourites.

Dropbox – Free

Dropbox is a place to store your files and documents in the cloud. Use it for storing all your documents in one place. Property investors will amass a huge amounts of documents over time, mortgage statements, rent statements and much more. Drop box allows you to access them anywhere and if your computer breaks your documents are safe.

Pulse – Free

If you like to read property blogs like ours then pulse is a great app to collate all your favourite blogs together. You can then access them on your iPad, iPhone and Android device at a time that suits you. The user experience is great a must have app for for your mobile device.

Evernote – Free

Is your online scrapbook, use it to store and categorise web articles you find on the internet. So if you find resources on property investment on the internet and want to save it for later use Evernote.

Success Meditation App – £1.99

This is something a bit different and for those not open to new ideas turn away now. The meditation app is guided meditation app that helps you focus on past successes so you can be more successful in the future. Having the correct mindset when investing in property is a must as if you don’t believe you will be successful you never will be. Try the App, what’s the worst that could happen?

Twitter – Free

Twitter is a great tool for property investors something we have talked about before. However we love this social app so we mention it again. Twitter allows you to follow people of interest to you, there are lots of people in the property industry you can follow. Make sure @RescuemyPension and @RobBence are the first on your list!

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