Where should you invest in off plan property?

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Where should you invest in off plan property?

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In our last two off plan property articles we have had a look at

Is it safe to buy off plan property?


Discovering the truth about property investment

Over the two blogs, we looked at the risks, benefits and how you can make large sums of money if you follow some simple rules.

When we looked at the property cycle we established when in the cycle is a good time to invest. Here, we look at where in the UK you should be investing.

Currently the UK property market is split into two markets – London (and surrounding areas) and the rest of the country. Both markets are at different points of the property cycle, with London being further ahead. As we can see in this graph, we have the green light on London but for property outside the UK, proceed with caution

Off plan property in the North of the UK is too risky at the moment, unless the off plan period is four years or more. The market will start to rise again in the future but trying to pinpoint that date is difficult. London however has already started to show signs of recovery and is further along in the property cycle. Even at a modest 5% growth each year you can make money from off plan. London is seen as a worldwide safe haven for property investment and the simple economics of supply and demand will see prices continuing to rise in the long term.

So London off plan property investment is where we are targeting right now as it is offering great returns.

If you would like to look at our latest London off plan investments click here.

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