Flats Vs. Houses: Which is the best investment?

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Flats Vs. Houses: Which is the best investment?

Flats Vs. Houses

This is one of the questions that often gets debated in property investment circles. It can often divide investors and most will have a preference. The truth is it doesn’t matter what type of property you invest in.

At Rescue my Pension our investors have a mix in their portfolio so not all houses and not all flats. It doesn’t matter if you invest in flats, houses, studios, bungalows. Property in general will do well over the long time as the value is in the land not so much the property.

It’s the land the property sits on that carries the value, as the land is the commodity that is scarce. The property pays you a rental, so the land is paying for itself.

This doesn’t mean that you should just buy any property that becomes available you want to tick two boxes before investing, the first is make sure you buy below market value and the second is make sure the area has a strong rental demand. Does the area have a good transport infrastructure, strong employment levels, shops, schools, amenities, etc? Ultimately it comes down to carrying out your own research and making sure the investment works for you.

At Rescue my Pension we target three types of  property  new build, nearly new or refurbished, as we don’t want maintenance issues.

So don’t be drawn into the debate, use both assets types to build your portfolio and reach your financial goals.

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