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5 Alternative property investment books

Property Investment books

Reading books is one of the many ways you can learn more about property investment. We have previously told you about two ‘must buy’ property investment books. In this article we will look at five books that don’t talk directly about property investment but offer many valuable lessons.

“Live in the Present” by Sean Orford

This is the latest book by best selling author Sean Orford and is arguably his best work to date. The book is about getting the best out of life, and how it’s not the circumstances that matter, but how they are dealt with. The same can be applied to property investment, do you see a challenge or a problem. Is your glass half full or half empty? By understanding how your mindset can hold you back, you can make adjustments and turn your attitude into your biggest asset.

“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz

While Live in the Present will help you get rid of any of the issues that are holding you back, The Magic of Thinking Big will help you establish big goals and give you the self-belief to achieve them.

If you don’t have a tangible goal for your property investment portfolio then you may as well not bother investing at all. How can you measure your progress and know when you have been a success? Make sure you set yourself the goal of reading this book.

“King Rat” by James Clavell

This is novel by James Clavell gives fantastic lessons on how to negotiate. The book is set in a concentration camp in World War 2 and follows the story of several characters in the camp.

It offers a very good insight into the art of negotiation and the consequences of being greedy. At the very least you will enjoy a very good book and at best you will learn some valuable lessons.

“Emyth Revisited” by Michael E Gerber

We have previously talked about the need to treat property investment as a business and more specifically, the need to implement systems. The Emyth Revisited is a worldwide best seller for a reason; it is the most user friendly book that tackles the importance of systems to a business. Use the lessons introduced here and implement them into your own business.

“4 Hour work week” by Tim Ferriss

One of the most important business books I have ever read. It also helped me set up my property portfolio within which it’s possible to create the maximum income in the least amount of time. In summary Tim Ferriss is a genius, he is a professional life hacker, he looks at time consuming tasks and finds a way to hack it. Some people believe that property investment is a full time job, it’s not. By outsourcing to professionals you can run a very successful property portfolio with simple systems in place. This is a must read book for any property investor or business owner.

Also check out his blog which is arguably the best business blog on the net.

What else should you read?

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