Four ways to use Social Media to become a property investment pro.

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Four ways to use Social Media to become a property investment pro.

Property Investment and Social Media

Everyone talks about social media and how everyone and the dog is using it. Some people see social media as an unwanted distraction but can property investors make good use of these tools and gain property investment advice? We look at some of the most popular social media sites and find out how you can build on your knowledge for free.


Twitter is a microblogging website that can be a useful resource on a multitude of levels as well as being an idle way to pass time. You can use Twitter to access free property investment advice. Following @Rescuemypension would be a good place to start and of course my good self @robbence, then take a look at all of the following, they all offer up a great insight into the property market and property investment.





We have previously blogged on some of the best property people to follow on Twitter.  Take a look and add them to your follow list.


You may not use Linkedin if you have no need to network but don’t hold back from joining as it can be an invaluable tool for accessing free property investment. Free to join, Linkedin is a social network connecting professionals. You can use it to maximise your property investment knowledge. Start off by connecting with the Rescue my Pension LinkedIn page and then search for individuals. Use the search bar and use terms like property investment UK and Property investment expert and connect with people who you find interesting. Remember it’s always worth taking the time to leave a brief personal message when connecting with someone as they may not know who you are and may be reluctant to add you at first.

Groups are a great feature of Linkedin and you can gain some valuable information

Here is my profile if you want to connect, mention you found me on this blog and I will add you straight away.


Isn’t just for posting photos of newborn babies or reading how much someone hates their job. It can also offer real value to your property investment education. If you use the search bar you can find groups dedicated to property investment in the UK as well as our own facebook page. When using the search bar try terms like property investment UK and UK property investment and add a few groups to your timeline. So when you log on you can still view cute baby photos but also stay updated on the latest property investment news.


If you have property investment questions the website Quora is likely to have answers for you.  Quora has a vast tribe of users, which Quora describes as “some of the smartest people in the world.”

Quora describes its service as “a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it,”

Of course, such a service is only as good as the users who contribute to it, which is why the website discourages anonymous logins — Quora encourages joining up with popular social networking we have mentioned above, so why not take a look.

Take Action

By taking some of the action points above you can start to build your own property investment library of knowledge and gain some great property investment advice. If you liked this blog and want to build on your knowledge further, sign up to our property investment advice course (top right), it’s free.

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