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Win Gold at property investment

Property Investment Gold Medal

The Olympics have come to London and the world’s greatest athletes have competed for the highly coveted gold medals. But athletes shouldn’t have all the fun so we have compiled a list of the traits you need to develop in order to become a gold medal winning property investor.

Master all of these and you too will be a gold medal winner (In our eyes)

Identify your goals.

Successful athletes will always have a big goal in mind and so should property investors. Make sure your goal is specific and has a deadline. Without a clearly defined goal how would you ever measure your success?

Develop a strategy.

Gold winning Olympians didn’t turn up to the games and hope for the best, they had a strategy and executed it efficiently. Once a property investor has set a goal, the next step should be to formulate a strategy. Don’t start randomly investing, use your strategy to establish the best way forward. You may want to speak with an expert who has already had success to help you create the best plan.


None of the successful athletes at London 2012 arrived without researching their competition and the performance venue. Equally, property investors should never invest blind. There are plenty of tools available to make property investment research easy, make sure you spend the time to check them out.

Buy below market value

To be a gold winning property investor you have to adhere to this rule. Buying below market value is one of the biggest perks in property investment but it does require effort to achieve.

Don’t rush in – but don’t procrastinate

While you should always take the time to set your goals, create a strategy and complete your research, make sure you don’t get left at the starting block. Don’t be an ‘also ran’ do the required work then take action!

Use a team

All of the greatest Athletes have a great team around them and the same goes for property investors. If you would like Rescue my Pension as part of your team request a call back and we would be happy to join your quest for property investment gold.

Congratulations! You are now a gold medallist in property investment, what will your legacy be?

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