What do Football and Property have in common?

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What do Football and Property have in common?

This week Rightmove published the results of a fun survey they have recently conducted. They surveyed over 13,000 football fans from around the country, including 9,351 fans of Premiership clubs, and recorded the team they support and their full postcode to establish the average distance each fan lives from their club, and what proportion of each club’s fans are local to their home stadium.

The results make interesting reading….

Football and Property Investment

  • The 2012/13 Premier League season’s ‘most local’ fans are Wigan Athletic, with 65% of their support living in the same postcode district as the DW StadiumThe club with the ‘least local’ fans may not come as a huge surprise to many football followers, as overall only 9% of Manchester United fans were found to live in the same postcode area as Old Trafford
  • Rightmove have also looked into the proportions of fans living ‘behind enemy lines’.
  • 5% of football fans in Manchester support Liverpool


Most football fans love to debate, so will Wigan fans be boasting that they are the most loyal fans or will Liverpool and Manchester United fans be bragging about their worldwide appeal? In the interest of keeping everyone happy we won’t be taking sides!


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