4 Celebs that love property investment

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4 Celebs that love property investment

Property Investment Celebs

Property Investment is a wealth creation tool for millions of people and that includes celebrities.

It is well documented that the vast majority of people listed in the Times Rich List have a financial interest in property investment. So here we look at some of the biggest property investment fans past and present.

Donald Trump – This larger than life character has never hidden his love for property investment. He even names the buildings he buys after himself. Trump Tower in New York is probably the most famous. Donald made his fortune through property investment (or as he would call it real estate), spotting opportunities that everyone else had missed. Currently he is trying to build a golf course resort in Scotland and in true Trump style he is causing a big stir.

Alan Sugar – What is it about The Apprentice?  Donald Trump heads up the US version while here in the UK, Alan Sugar (or should we say Lord Sugar) heads up the show. It’s not just the show that they have in common. Lord Sugar is also a big fan of property investment. Although he is best known for his previous company, Amstrad he now has the majority of his wealth tied up in property. He is worth an estimated £350 million so who are we to argue with him?

Benjamin Franklin – Yes this American legend may be most famous  as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Also an author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. But did you know he was also an advocate of property as an investment? In his incomplete autobiography, he mocked a member of his local community for holding out for house prices to fall before buying. Franklin was right to mock as he later recorded the man ended up paying 3 x times his original budget for the land. Even back then Franklin realised that over the long term, property prices will always rise when influenced by supply and demand pressures. For his achievements Franklin was immortalised on the US $100 note.

Bob Geldof – No this isn’t a joke, the man known best for his charity work is also just as effective at building his own wealth. The Boomtown Rats singer is also a fan of property investment, a significant proportion of his wealth is in property and he isn’t shy about it. He was recently the headline speaker at a property conference in London.

There are plenty of other famous people who are property investment fans, wee have picked our favourites, but who is your favourite property investment celebrity? Leave your suggestions at the bottom of the page.