Why you don’t need to pay for a property mentor.

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Why you don’t need to pay for a property mentor.

4 ways to get a Property Mentor for Free.

Use a property mentor for help with property investment

Using a property mentor enables you to get property investment advice from someone who has been there and done it.

What you should not be doing is paying through the nose for advice from a property mentor. Some companies will charge hundreds if not thousands of pounds for property investment advice. They may entice you with a free training meeting but really it is nothing more than a sales pitch designed to make you hand over your cash.

Fortunately there is another way and we will show you how you can access property investment advice from a property mentor for free.

Four ways to get a property mentor for free.

1. Networking on and offline 

There are numerous property networking groups across the UK, where you can meet with other property investors. Some have huge amounts of experience. People love to talk about their success so don’t be afraid to ask how they did it and ask for direct advice. Just beware that some networking groups will have speakers trying to sell your their products and courses, this is fine just don’t make any rash decisions

The internet offers some invaluable networking opportunities. The best forum I have come across is Property Tribes. There are some very experienced investors who post on the forum and if you have a question you usually get several responses. Again all this is free, all you have to do is register.

2. Facebook Friday

Facebook Friday is property investment advice service provided completely free of charge by Rescue my Pension. Facebook Friday allows you to put your property investment questions to an expert for free. We have experts on hand every Friday between 10am-4pm to make sure you get a quick response.

All you have to do is go to our Rescue my Pension Facebook page and like us and you can instantly access all our blogs, company news and Facebook Friday for free.

3. Strategy meetings.

One of the most important services we offer is strategy meetings. We give our time to our clients because we know this will set them up with a clearly defined plan of how to move forward and the steps you will need to take. The people we meet who are successful in property investment are those who have a strategy and stick to it.  People who don’t make as much as they should or who lose money in property investment are the ones who buy without a plan and they get drawn in to bad investments.

In the strategy meeting you will also learn

  • More about the best ‘below market value’ properties to go for.
  • How we can hold you hand every step of the way but leave you in charge
  • How we offer better than no risk guarantees to our investors
  • How in the long term, your portfolio will provide you with a brilliant retirement.

These meetings are FREE but we can’t help everyone so to find out if this service is for you call one of our consultants on 0207 148 3164.

4. Blogs and email course.

There are some great blogs on the internet offering free property investment advice, in fact you’re reading one now. Make sure you access our back catalogue of blogs for some great advice and tips. You can also use Google to find more property investment blogs.

We also offer a weekly property investment email course where you will get endless advice free of charge. You can sign up now below.

So as you can see, you don’t have to pay for a property mentor when there are so many great resources available to you for free. Having a property mentor can really accelerate your success so why not try some of the above methods and start working with a property mentor today.


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