Why we offer “better than no risk” guarantees

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Why we offer “better than no risk” guarantees

Our Guarantees make property investment easy.

Property Investment is a fantastic medium to long term investment – the numbers don’t lie.

A lot of people find it difficult to detach their emotions from their financial decision making. And there lies the problem – emotions. Far more people would see the wisdom of property investment if their decisions were made on sound common sense, but emotions get in the way, cloud the issues and mar the decision making processes.

Emotion gets in the way of your financial progress and keeps you awake at night. Don’t get me wrong, expressing emotion is fantastic. Without emotion we would be like robots. However if robots made our financial decisions for us we would all be a lot wealthier.

It’s these little doubts, thoughts in your head and insecurities that can also hold you back from progressing with your property portfolios. At Rescue my Pension we acknowledge that sometimes investing in property can take you out of your comfort zone. This is why we have our industry leading “better than no risk” guarantees.

Investors are often concerned that they won’t get a tenant that’s why our first guarantee is the 120% Rent Guarantee.

We are so confident that we can identify appropriate tenants for you, that if we can’t find you a tenant within 60 days, we will pay you 120% of your monthly mortgage payment every month until we identify a tenant for you! Offering a guarantee like this removes fear, uncertainty and negative emotion.

Some investors would love to work with a property investment company as they will be able to get you below market value property. However some property investment companies have a bad reputation for hard selling. At Rescue my Pension we want to build long term relationships with our clients not burn bridges. That’s why we offer the Your Decision Guarantee.

The Your Decision Guarantee is your safeguard against hard selling or any pressure at all. If you decide to invest you have a full 24 hours to think about your investment. If you change your mind you can pull out, simple! We know we never put pressure on our clients and that’s why we are happy to give this guarantee.

Mortgages can be a source of uncertainty for some investors so we offer a Mortgage Guarantee. Providing all the information you have given us  correct, if you can’t get a mortgage then we will refund your broker costs and refund our finders fee, therefore removing all uncertainty and risk for you!

The reason why we offer these guarantees is to make sure building a property portfolio is easy as possible for you. Often our biggest challenge is getting people to believe us – they think our guarantees are too good to be true……

Well they’re not so call us on 0207 148 3164 to find out more.