You must take action before it’s too late!

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You must take action before it’s too late!

The Pension Crisis is here take action now.

It’s not nice to admit, but there are people who have approached Rescue my Pension that we’ve been unable to help.

These people who have worked all their lives, done everything they have been told to financially by ‘respected’ institutions and have found themselves in a horrible predicament. I am of course referring to people who have already retired.

Most people will only realise how bad the pension crisis is after they have retired. They will then contact us and although we may be able to make some difference and pass on some advice, in reality they have left it too late, as there are no quick fixes.

The good news is if you are yet to retire there is still time to take action.

The sad fact is that most people will fail to take action. In a recent survey by HSBC 60% of people interviewed admitted that they had no financial plan for retirement. If you are one of those 60%, what are you waiting for? A lottery win? Even if you’re ahead of the pack and have a plan in place do you know for sure your plan is the most effective one for you?

I know some people may feel I am being a little blunt but unless the UK public is given a jolt the majority of you will end up in a retiring in poverty, even if you have worked all your life.

Rescue my Pension does two major things – highlight the Pension Crisis we are in, and help our clients avoid it through property investment.

If you are ready to take action you have two options. You can call us on 0207 148 3164 and chat with one of our consultants or sign up now to our newsletters to learn more.

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