Meet our newest team member

//Meet our newest team member

Meet our newest team member

We are delighted to announce that Jamie Graham has recently joined the Rescue my Pension team. He brings with him a wealth of property investment knowledge as he has previously worked in property investment and is an active investor himself. He also has a masters in Property Valuation and Law so he is well equipped to meet the needs of our clients. We asked Jamie to give us a few words soon after he joined, this is what he had to say…..

I am very excited to join Rob and the team at Rescue my Pension.  As someone who has been working in property investment for a few years now you would probably expect me to be an investor myself and you’d be right! I used to favour the stock market but three key issues really changed my mind.  The first is leverage I love the fact I can use the banks money to fund the majority of my investment but I get to realise all the increase in value of any property I buy. The second factor has been the shortage of supply in property in the UK coupled with the solid demand and finally in property I can buy below market value which is almost impossible in any other asset class!

However property is no easy path to riches and without the right advance from experts like Rob and the Asset Managers.

However with good education, solid systems and expert advice you really can’t go wrong. So don’t let fears hold you back, you can’t do much better than a free consultation with one of the Asset managers here.  Blogs, books, courses etc. can all be great but there really is no substitute for a chat with an expert who is an active investor themselves.

I genuinely look forward to helping clients plan their retirements and build thriving buy to let portfolios.

Utilising the benefits of property investment has never been more important because of the pension crisis we now all find ourselves in. I think we can all agree that it’s fantastic news that life expectancy has risen over the last few decades.  Improvements in medicine also mean that most people can enjoy a much more active retirement. Sadly this longer retirement is going to need to be paid for and everyone needs to take responsibility for this themselves. The good news is a lot of the same pressures facing the pensions system will also cause property prices to rise substantially in the long term, so by getting in now we can really enjoy a better standard of living now and in retirement.

I am always happy to speak to anyone about anything we do here or any aspect of property investment.  Feel free to give me a call on 0207 148 3464 or drop me an email on I will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions.

All the best,

Jamie Graham


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