Have the pension companies used a super injunction?

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Have the pension companies used a super injunction?

All the talk of who has a super injunction on the news and Twitter this week has been  led us to ask:

Have the pension companies taken out a super injunction?

What are they hiding, what are the media not able to report? Well we can tell you what the pension companies don’t want you to hear. Pensions are failing millions of people and that they won’t provide the retirement funding they forecast.

Let’s look at the hard facts:-

•Annuities are providing less income as we are all living longer

•The average pension pot in the UK is £30,950

•That would provide you with an income of £129 per month!!

•The situation is getting worse not better.

Have the pension companies used a super injunction?

In fact, there is no super injunction, just well funded pension companies who spend millions of pounds of your hard earned cash on marketing and PR to hide the truth. God help you if you’re a woman as the average pension pot is only £9,100, paying around £38 per month.

So why aren’t the media doing more to highlight this mess we are in? Super injunction or no super injunction, Rescue my Pension will continue to expose pension companies for their poor returns, high fees and broken promises.

The bottom line is you have three choices

1.Carry on working

2.Accept poverty

3.Do something about it

If you choose option 3 then you need to contact Rescue my Pension. Fill in the form below to discover how you can avoid the pension crisis and discover the choices open to you.

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