Property Investment Companies – What you need to know

//Property Investment Companies – What you need to know

Property Investment Companies – What you need to know

There are many property investment companies out there, so how do you choose a good property investment company to work with?

There are some simple questions you can ask of any property company that will help you quickly assess whether they are worth working with and can be trusted

1. Do they invest in property themselves?

You should direct this question at the person you deal with; after all, it is this person who will be advising you. Would you be comfortable taking advice from someone who doesn’t practice what they preach? All of the Asset Managers at Rescue my Pension actively invest in property, so we can pass on our own experiences to you.

2. What guarantees do the property investment companies offer?

It’s easy to make claims if you’re not prepared to back them up. So when property investment companies make claims about rental income, for example, which of them is prepared to put their money where their mouth is? Rescue my Pension offers you better than no risk guarantees we guarantee the rent, mortgage and a cooling off period. Make sure when you are assessing property investment companies that they are prepared to offer you guarantees because without them talk is cheap.

3. Do they charge for education?

There are no secrets in property investment, all the information you need is accessible on the internet, in books and from experts who already invest in property. Yet some property investment companies will charge you for the education. Save your money and instead invest your time into putting an effective strategy together. Rescue my Pension never charges for education we are passionate about providing all the information for free whether it be via our blogs, newsletters or speaking to one of our Asset Consultants.

4. How do the property investment companies know what’s best for you?

Do the property investment companies you want to invest with spend time trying to establish what investments will work best for you in the long run? If you see a ‘good deal’ being advertised and you would like to know more, does the  company take time to ascertain your needs or just try and sell it to you? At Rescue my Pension we believe in strategy first, property investment second. This is the best way to avoid expensive mistakes. What might make a brilliant investment for one person might be terrible for someone else. Will the companies you are speaking to have your best interests at heart, or are they just willing to sell you anything.

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5. Do your background checks

If you have any doubts of any of the property investment companies you are considering you may want to ask for a referral. You can do this by searching the web on sites like Qype and Thompson Directory or ask them for a direct referral from someone else they have worked with or advised previously. If any of the property investment companies are reluctant to do this then, stay well away.

In conclusion there are some fantastic property investment companies out there. If you follow this guide and are prepared to invest a small amount of time researching the property investment companies you are considering, then you are highly unlikely to get your fingers burnt.

At Rescue my Pension we pride ourselves on the service we provide. To find out more about us and see if we are a property investment company that suits your needs then click here or sign up to our free newsletters.

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