What would you do if you were Jack Black?

//What would you do if you were Jack Black?

What would you do if you were Jack Black?

Jack Black recently starred in a remake of the classic novel Gulliver’s Travels. If you’re not familiar with the story it’s about a man who finds himself washed up on a strange island to discover he is physically huge compared to the inhabitants.

When you’re that big it’s not hard to attract attention and make yourself heard and that’s what Gulliver does.

So if you suddenly found yourself much larger than everyone else and had the attention of the entire nation what would you do and what would you say? Obviously being this big comes with responsibility. You could communicate an important message that benefits everyone or you could keep quiet and not use your position to promote the well being of others.

Big vs Small

Pension companies could be likened to Gulliver. They have billions of pounds at their disposal and eye watering marketing budgets they can utilise to address the nation. So what do they do with this power? Nothing except serve their own interests.

There is without question a pension crisis in this country that is rapidly worsening, so what do the pension companies do? Nothing! They maintain silence and retain the status quo. The less the man in the street knows about the pension crisis the more likely we are to accept the outdated pension system and continue to line the deep pockets of the pension companies.

At Rescue my Pension we are passionate about creating awareness of the pension crisis. It’s a problem that is likely to affect us all in some capacity. The better people are informed, educated and updated of the problems we are facing, the better placed we are to take action.

Rescue my Pension is helping clients to plan their retirement using property investment. Our clientele understands their property investment retirement plans as they have developed their plans with our Asset managers.

If you want to look at putting together a property investment strategy with one of our Asset Managers request a call back and we would be happy to discuss your circumstances.

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