There are too many sharks out there, and they’ve given the industry a bad name.

You’re right to be suspicious of anyone trying to sell you property. That’s why we don’t give you the hard sell and simply expect you to trust us: we give you all the tools you need to validate our claims for yourself.


We only deal with buy-to-let investment properties in the UK. Our focus isn’t diverted by anything else, which means we can dedicate our full attention to uncovering the best investment opportunities, doing our due diligence and negotiating hard on our clients’ behalf.

What does this mean for you?

It means we can offer you new and nearly new properties, in prime rental locations, that are off market and at a discount  – securing a better deal than you could get when acting alone. Then you can sit back as we take care of the entire investment process for you.

Lets get started!

Avada Macbook Image

Avada Macbook Image


When you call RMP, you won’t get a hard sell – or any sell. We want you to have the knowledge to validate our claims for yourself, so we insist on educating you on the ins and outs of property investment before discussing specific deals with you.

On the curriculum? Steps to getting started; the best areas to invest; setting effective goals; creating financial freedom, how to research potential investments; and much more!

And to keep things interesting, we teach all this through a combination of podcasts, meetings and courses – no boring documents or tedious lectures!

I’m interested! Tell me more!


You need to know what you’re aiming for, and why. Our experienced portfolio managers will work with you to build a strategy that will enable you to hit your financial goals. These are your goals – not ours – and we have nothing to gain from pushing you into an investment that you’re uncomfortable with.

After all, we don’t want to sell you a property; we want to work alongside you for years building you the perfect portfolio. And to do that means understanding what you want to achieve, and when.

Sounds Great! What Do I Do Next?

Avada Macbook Image
Avada Macbook Image


When you become our client, we like to meet up with you every six months to take a detailed look at your portfolio and make sure you’re on course to reach your goals.

We’ll be in regular contact with you outside of those six months of course (and you can call us at any time). But we like to have these dedicated review sessions in the diary too.

Where Do I Start?

£s worth of property sourced each year
wonderful podcast listeners
plus five star reviews
best selling property book

Our clients put it best…

RMP Property is driven by incredible service: we listen to our investors and we take good care of them. Here’s what some of them say about us:

“When I chose to make the first step, I contacted RMP Property and got the ball rolling. Best thing I ever did!”

“From my personal strategy meeting, through to deciding that I would like to invest, not once did I ever receive any sales pitches or part with any money. RMP is an honest company doing great things. I for one will be a returning customer. Thanks Rob and the RMP Team!” – Lee Gordon

I have been working with RMP for over a year now and I have been thoroughly impressed with the amount of time taken by Rob and the team to understand your goals and strategy and to educate you throughout your journey before offering any investment opportunities that might be suitable for you. There is never any pressure or ‘hard sell’ for the sake of a quick buck; the focus is very much on building a long-term relationship of trust with excellent customer service. I am now working on my second investment with RMP and would highly recommend them to any would-be property investor.
Marc S, RMP client
I have spent months reading books, forums, newspapers, etc… to learn about the property market but somehow I could not escape my status of ‘analysis paralysis’. I decided to meet with RMP to validate some of my assumptions and I was impressed. Their staff are highly competent and, even more important for me, they “walk the talk”. I have the opportunity to discuss my concerns and strategy with people with direct experience in the field, who could understand my needs and provided support, advice and suggested realistic solutions. It took me less than a week to decide to take action and buy my first buy to let property and I had no doubts that wanted to source the property through RMP. The experience was successful and I highly recommend anyone interested in investing to meet the RMP team. They will provide honest feedback and advice that could make a real difference!
Gianfranco Bombardieri, RMP client
The overwhelming feeling I’ve had since first contacting RMP Property is that they are one of the only companies in their field that seeks for more than just … a transaction. They’ve gone further than just “checking in to see where I’m at.” In the last 6 months they’ve invested time in educating me, they’ve shared useful resources and investment tools, and Rob himself has listened and guided me in creating an investment strategy that suits my goals and lifestyle ambitions. Now I’m empowered to make the most of the BMV property opportunities they offer, and leverage their expertise. In my experience – definitely recommended.
Tom Elliott, RMP client
I’ve been involved in property for a number of years however, due to being committed to my career I don’t have the time to go and search for BMV properties like Rob does nor do I have the buying power of a whole group of investors! John is very knowledgeable and walks you through everything with ease. Fantastic company for anyone just starting out in property investment or anyone who is looking to purchase BMV properties in great areas with minimal effort! Have recommended them to many of my friends and will continue to do so!
Rex Butler, RMP client
We met Rob 18 months ago and we cannot thank him and his team at RMP enough! Since our first strategy meeting with Rob over 18 months ago, we have not looked back. We find that Rob is always inspiring and instils confidence whenever we talk to him. We have developed a great relationship with Rob and all his team at RMP. They always have time to talk and reply quickly to questions. The total care team is excellent. We have also developed a great deal of trust in Rob’s opinion: He is the first go-to person for us whenever we have a question about our portfolio and future property investment. With his encouragement during our first meeting, we created a strategy to fulfil our goals in property. We have regular reviews at RMP to monitor our progress and we are well on the way to meeting our aims. I have a very busy career and I can honestly say that without Rob and his team’s help, our portfolio would not be full of fantastic BMV properties in excellent locations with great fundamentals. I will always remember the day that I found The Property Podcast and found Rob Bence and RMP: Our property investment journey really took off! We highly recommend Rob and RMP Property to anyone starting their property investment journey. Thank you very much to Rob and the team.
Barry and Julie T, RMP client