How We Protect You

Talk is cheap unless you are prepared to back it up.

Being told that property can change your life is exciting but you shouldn’t take excessive risks. Working with a reputable property company is one of the ways you can accelerate your success but equally working with a dodgy property company could seriously damage your wealth.

Why you can trust RMP Property

At RMP Property with protect you in two ways, we offer you industry leading guarantees and we’re a member of the Property Ombudsman. Unfortunately many property companies are not members of the Property Ombudsman which is worrying as it’s an easy way they can offer you more protection. We are proud to be members because it will give you confidence in the service we offer.

Property-Ombudsman-logoWe call our guarantees better than no risk as they are unparalleled in the property industry. If we get it an investment wrong then it will cost us, not you. This means you can be assured that we have meticulously researched each investment and are always acting to promote your best interests.


  1. 120% Rental Guarantee
    We are so confident of our ability to identify appropriate tenants for you, that if we can’t find you a tenant within 60 days, we will pay you 120% of your monthly mortgage payment every month until we identify a tenant for you.
    We also will guarantee the level of your rent that you will achieve within 90% of what we state you will get.
  2. Your Decision Guarantee
    We promise not to hard sell, but we will extend that further. If you decide to invest you have a full 24 hours to consider your investment. If you change your mind you can pull out, simple!
  3. Mortgage Guarantee
    If you fail to obtain a mortgage we will refund your finders fee and will cover the cost of your mortgage broker fee, providing you have given us accurate information.
  4. Pay Back Guarantee
    We want to wow you with our service from the moment you start working with us. Once we have performed for you we welcome you telling your friends and family. The best part is we’ll refund 100% of your initial fees once you’ve referred four people to us.

Terms & Conditions

Rental guarantee starts when we judge that the property is ready to let. For example if flooring is needed then the 60 days will start after they have been fitted.

Pay back Guarantee will only be paid after four referrals have paid finders fees for their own investments
Rental Guarantee is based on using our recommended letting agents.
If you use an unapproved third party then the guarantee is void.
If you buy cash then the rental guarantee will be based on a current mortgage product of our choosing.
You must use the designated snagging company to benefit from the rental guarantee.
If you reject a suitable tenant then the rental guarantee is void.
Once we have found you a tenant the rental guarantee will be fulfilled.
If you have told us you have good credit and this is later found to be inaccurate, the mortgage guarantee is void.
Reservation and finders’ fees must be paid on time by bank transfer, and reservation forms also returned within 7 days.
You must use our designated Mortgage Broker and a lender that they advise.
The broker is independent and represents your interests.
If the 60 day guarantee period includes a public holiday, the guarantee is extended to 75 days from the ”ready to occupy” date.
We will find you a tenant at 90% of our stated rent if we do not find you a tenant within 8 weeks we will then reduce this to 80%.
If at any time it is felt that you have compromised the ability of the property to let out the guarantee will be void.
The maximum payment under any aspect of the mortgage guarantee is limited to the value of the finder’s fee paid excluding VAT.
The refund of your finders fee is for the first property you buy with us only.

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