There are lots of dodgy property companies out there. We don’t like them.

The property market is about to boom again according the media. It’s full of sensationalist stories, but tens of thousands of people like you are smart enough to see through the hype and see that property is still an unbeatable long-term investment but not a get rich quick scheme.

Unfortunately, the property industry is full of sharks, and unregulated sharks at that – who are out to prey on your enthusiasm and naivety.

These companies are run by salesmen, not property experts: they just want to sell you whatever makes them the highest commission, and use high-pressure sales tactics to do it.

We don’t want to sell you a house, we want to spend years building you the perfect portfolio.

Honest, impartial advice is worryingly absent from the property industry, so we’ve set out to fix it.

Why? Because we know our business will be stronger if you keep coming back to us, and bringing your friends and family with you. In fact, we’ll refund 100% of your initial fees once you’ve referred four people to us.

(Maybe we’re just lazy, but a business based on constantly finding new people to rip off seems like a lot of hard work to us.)

We do one thing, and we do it damn well…. Property Investment

We only sell buy-to-let residential property in the UK.

Call many property companies and they’ll try to flog you an off-plan flat in Bulgaria or an office block in Memphis or whatever they happen to have a glut of that week.

Are they truly experts in all those locations and sectors, or are they just a link in a long chain of sales commissions being passed back and forth?

We imagine you’ve got better things to do than read mortgage comparison tables, spar with estate agents and unblock toilets.

That’s why our Total Care Team is here to look after every step of the property investment process for you. We’ll do all this for you:

  • → Source below market value deals that aren’t available on the open market. You’ll never find these properties on Rightmove or in an Estate Agent’s window. Find out why buying below market value is so important.
  • → Arrange a mortgage (if you need it) through our independent whole-of-market broker, finding the ideal option for your needs and circumstances.
  • → Find tenants and put a managing agent in place, so you’re making money from day one and you’ll never get a call about a broken light bulb. See our tenant find guarantee.
  • → Support you in any way you need, at any time before, during and after purchase.

Find out more about our services and our investing philosophy.

Don’t believe we’re different? Let us prove it.

Call us, and we promise there’ll be no hard sell – we prefer to let our happy clients do the selling for us.

In fact, we refuse to discuss any specific options until we’ve taken the time to understand your situation fully. We can’t possibly make recommendations about your investment strategy until we’ve got a thorough understanding of your ambitions, fears and needs.

Who are we?

RMP Property was founded by Robert Bence after nearly a decade of working for national investment firms while building up his own portfolio.

Everywhere he worked, he got his biggest kicks out of talking new investors through the property maze and giving them the knowledge and the confidence to take action, and seeing the difference in their lives a few years later.

Having seen too many sleazy salesmen pushing unsuitable investments they barely understood, Robert started RMP based on the simple idea that if you genuinely help people have a better financial future, you’ll never be short of clients (and you’ll probably sleep a bit better too).

Now, Robert insists that every member of the customer-facing RMP team is an active investor so whenever you call, you’ll speak to an expert (not a salesman) who was once in your position.

Got a million questions about property investment? Fire away: we’re property geeks, and we’ll happily chat about it all day.

What do you want your financial future to look like? Call us now and tell us, and we’ll show you how property can help get you there.

Want to know more about how we protect you first?

Find out more here.

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