On this week’s Property News Radio Andy is joined by Amy from RMP Property and we’re looking at investors and the property boom, the size of British homes, the most important factors when buying a new home, and the unveiling of the world’s next tallest skyscraper!

This week’s news

Investors counting on property boom despite house price warning

This is an interesting article is based on a survey conducted regarding wealth and investment in property in western Europe. Britain came out top as a target for investment.

British homes are the smallest in Europe, study finds

It seems British homes are the smallest in Europe based on floor space, with more than half falling short of the minimum living space standards.

House prices less important than negative factors for homehunters

This article from the Independent says that house prices are less important than other negative factors when people look for new homes. Flood risks, crime rates, proximity of neighbours, transport links, and local amenities ranked highly in homebuyers considerations.

Quirky News

London architects unveil Phoenix Towers – the world’s tallest skyscraper

London architects have unveiled plans for the next world’s tallest skyscraper, Phoenix Towers, which will top 1000 meters in height!

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