On this week’s Property News Radio we’re joined by Andy Ridley and we’re talking money. We’re taking a look at the Times Rich List and how it affects property, how wealthy people are in the UK, and what Mark Carney has to say about it. Finally, we have a wicked quirky news piece!

This week’s news

2014 Times Rich List

The Sunday Times Rich List has just been published and suggests that the richest people in Britain are now better off than ever, with the top 1000 owning over a third of the nation’s wealth. Britain is now officially a billionaire’s playground, with London having the most billionaires. Really interesting read.

Are you a secret millionaire? ONS report reveals one in ten of us is – largely thanks to surge in property values

Generally people in the UK are wealthier according to the ONS. This article looks at data which provides a snapshot of people’s finances and shows how the increase in the value of property has propelled people into the millionaire category. In fact, one in ten households are now worth over £1 million pounds. Are you a secret millionaire?

Bank of England’s Mark Carney warns on housing market

Governor of The Bank of England, Mark Carney, has been talking about property again and has issued a warning about the hosing market. He draws comparisons with Canada and reiterates the need for increased house building in he UK. An interesting read with plenty to think about.

Buy a stake in Dracula’s castle

This week’s quirky news piece is the news that Dracula’s castle in Transylvania is on the market. It’s a really interesting property with plenty to get your teeth into! (groan)

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