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PNR026: Property Market Dominoes

PNR026: Property Market Dominoes

This week we’ve gone international and are taking a look at the property market in China and the possible impact it could have in other countries. We also have some negative predictions for the UK property market, and a look at some beautiful properties […]

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PNR025: The London Property Market Special


This week’s show is a London property special. We’ll be looking at London property prices hitting a pre-crisis high, the Bank of England struggling for ideas, a firs time buyer with half a million pound budget who can’t get on the property ladder, and the London ripple […]

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PNR024: Property… Where’s the bad news?

PNR025: Property... Where's the bad news?

On this week’s show we take a look at where the super rich park their money, some interesting data on repossessions and price rises, the worst value property in London, and a warning about sleazy salesmen. Plus we have a great […]

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