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Property News Radio: GDP, Waitrose & a New Take on the Ripple Effect

Property News Radio: GDP, Waitrose & a new take on the ripple effect

This week on Property News Radio we discuss improvements in UK GDP levels, the recent increase in public confidence that house prices will rise, and how the Help to Buy scheme is […]

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Property News Radio: London Calling?

Property News Radio: London calling

This week on Property News Radio we look at rising prices in London, warnings over the rising prices and normal people buying priced out of London. We also look at the property market in Germany and an interesting […]

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Property News Radio: House price news

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Property News Radio: All Change & 25 Property Movers and Shakers


This week on Property News Radio we cover…

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Panic! The Help to Buy Scheme comes early.


Panic by the Government

So it seems Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne couldn’t control their excitement and have brought the Help to Buy Scheme forward from January. Anyone would think they have listened to last weeks special report on the Help to […]

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