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Resolve to be Different In 2013

Be different in 2013


We are delighted today to give you a guest post from Sean Orford. Sean is a psychotherapist, coach, advisor, author and motivational speaker. He runs ‘Live in the Present’, an educational organisation built for the 21st century, and Mindful Managers, equipping managers […]

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Property Investment Success in 3 steps

Property Investment Success in 3 Steps

Property Investment Success in 3 steps – Dream, Plan and Achieve

Many are guilty of trying to over complicate successful property investment. In reality it can be broken down into three simple steps. Anyone can achieve them; all you need to […]

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Would you pass the Marshmallow Test?

Marshmallow Test

The Marshmallow study on delayed gratification produced some fascinating results.

The Marshmallow experiment took place at Stanford University in 1972 by psychologist Walter Mischel, using children aged four to six years as subjects. The children were led into a room, empty of distractions, where a marshmallow […]

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Property Price Predictions 2013

Property Investment 2013

What happened in 2012?

With only the data from December to come in from the RICS Land Registry, property prices for last year in the UK show a rise of 0.9% in 2012. This is in line with our predictions […]

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4 reasons why you will fail at property this year

Fail at property

In January we will get more people signing up to our website than at any other time as people resolve to make positive and meaningful changes to their lives. Unfortunately only a small percentage of those people will go on to invest in […]

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