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How to manage your property portfolio from abroad

This is a guest blog from @ukpropertygeek a globetrotter that invests in UK property, we asked him to share his experiences and pass on his expertise to our investors. 

When you start talking to people about investing in property, you’ll frequently be told that it’s a very hands-on business and you’ll need to be popping round there at all hours. Landlords are never shy to tell tales of boilers breaking in the middle of the night, and you might conclude that you need to invest locally as a result.

But if yields are poor in your area, or you’re an ex-pat, or you just like travelling a lot like I do, you’ll be forced to take a more arms-length approach.


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Yours Free: Property Cash flow tool and guide to using it

Property cash flow

Once you master the basics, property investment becomes simple and accessible. One of the skills you should master before moving forward is using a property cash flow. Make sure you get your free cash flow worksheet at the bottom of this post.

What is a property cash flow?


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Average asking prices jump by 3.5% – Infographic

Rightmove infograph

Average asking prices jump by 3.5%

Rightmove reports that new seller average asking prices have risen 3.5% (+£8,310) over the past month, the biggest increase for eight months. This goes a long way towards reversing the Olympic-induced price lull over the summer, which saw […]

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5 Alternative property investment books

Property Investment books

Reading books is one of the many ways you can learn more about property investment. We have previously told you about two ‘must buy’ property investment books. In this article we will look at five books that don’t talk directly about property investment but offer many valuable lessons.


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Flats Vs. Houses: Which is the best investment?

Flats Vs. Houses

This is one of the questions that often gets debated in property investment circles. It can often divide investors and most will have a preference. The truth is it doesn’t matter what type of property you invest in.


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