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Property Investment Jargon

August 31st, 2012|

Property Investment Jargon

No one is born a property investment expert, so why is property investment made more intimidating than it should be with endless acronyms? This blog is a simple guide to debunking some of the jargon used in property investment.

Here are the most commonly used:


Rescue my Pension interviews Chris Raniere from Imfuna

August 23rd, 2012|

Property Investment Imfuna - Blog Interview

Technology can make property investing a lot easier yet so many people fail to take advantage of what’s out there. There are now plenty of apps available to help you invest in property, recently we were introduced to Imfuna a great app for completing your own itinerary. It’s used by many letting agents but is also accessible to landlords too, after having a play around with it we contacted serial entrepreneur Chris Raniere for a an interview.


Property Investment Vs The Banks

August 20th, 2012|

Property Investment return on investment

How does Property Investment compare?

Recently we looked at Return on Investment (ROI) and its importance in property investment. By using ROI we can get a quick assessment of any property investment. We can then use ROI to compare against other property investments and also other investments in general.


What do Football and Property have in common?

August 16th, 2012|

This week Rightmove published the results of a fun survey they have recently conducted. They surveyed over 13,000 football fans from around the country, including 9,351 fans of Premiership clubs, and recorded the team they support and their full postcode to establish the average distance each fan lives from their club, and what proportion of each club’s fans are local to their home stadium.

The results make interesting reading….


Win Gold at property investment

August 14th, 2012|

Property Investment Gold Medal

The Olympics have come to London and the world’s greatest athletes have competed for the highly coveted gold medals. But athletes shouldn’t have all the fun so we have compiled a list of the traits you need to develop in order to become a gold medal winning property investor.

Master all of these and you too will be a gold medal winner (In our eyes)


Rescue my Pension Interviews Vanessa Warwick

August 9th, 2012|

Property Investment Blog Interview

Hi Vanessa, who are you and what do you do?


Property Investment’s secret formula

August 7th, 2012|

Property Investments secret formula


All property investors need to master this formula, fortunately you don’t need to be Einstein to use it.

The world of property investment is awash with formulae and yields, net, gross, etc. A basic understanding of them is useful but not imperative.

However there is one formula that supersedes all others. It will not only help you assess any property investment deal but it can help you measure up any investment. It’s already used by investors in every other sector but property investors have been slow on the uptake.