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Rescue my Pension interviews Neil Mansell

Property Investment Blog Interview

Last time out we interviewed our very own Robert Bence, in this instalment we interview best selling author and property investor Neil Mansell.

Hi Neil, who are you and what do you do?


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5 things successful property investors do

things that successful property investors do

Successful property investors are not an enigma; the traits that make them successful can be replicated and used by people new to property investment. In this blog we look at the laws that dictate their success.


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The Death of Pensions

Pension Crisis - The death of pensions

It’s happened; in fact it’s been coming for a long time 

The traditional pension as we know it is dead. Today we can no longer rely on the traditional pension to provide a comfortable retirement; it may not even provide a retirement income at all. Millions of people are becoming aware of this fact. On a daily basis we will speak to dozens of people who have come to this realisation and have been forced into taking alternative action.


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Introducing Rescue my Pension Interviews – Robert Bence

Property Investment Blog Interview

Welcome to our new blog series, Rescue my Pension interviews.

This exciting addition to our blog will record interviews with people engaged in or involved with, the property investment industry. They will offer up a wealth of knowledge so you can learn from their success and mistakes.

First up is our very own Robert Bence


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Denver Park – Liverpool

Denver Park – Liverpool

  • Already Tenanted due to high demand
  • New – Non Status Finance
  • NHBC Guarantee
  • Free Carpets and White Goods

Get the brochure here

Call 0207 148 3164 for the cash flow

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Infographic – Would no mobile phone reception impact your decision to buy or rent?

You may have an extensive checklist when you’re researching a property investment, at Rescue my Pension we give our clients The Big 50 Report. One thing you may have overlooked previously is the mobile reception in the area, well according to this fun infographic you might want to start checking….

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