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A special announcement from Rescue my Pension

May 30th, 2012|

Property Investors Beware!

May 28th, 2012|

property investors beware of flooding

Property Investors Beware!!

There is a simple check that all property investors can make that could save hundreds if not thousands of pounds, yet so few do.

This check hopefully will be facilitated by your solicitor but by then you may already have spent a lot of money on fees.


How the UK property market has changed

May 23rd, 2012|


UK Property old and new

How the UK property market has changed

The property market in the UK is always changing, there is no constant but there are two distinct periods – pre 2008 and post 2008. It’s important to understand what happens so you’re better placed for the future.

Pre 2008


Why we won’t sell student pods

May 16th, 2012|

Students pods a look inside the deal

Why we won’t sell student pods

Student pods are all the rage right now, it seems the world and his dog is trying to flog them at the moment. So why have we stayed away from this latest frenzy and stuck to traditional buy to let?

I have 3 main issues with student pods.


The Biggest Regret in Property Investment

May 9th, 2012|

Property Investment the biggest regret

Over the last 7 years I have worked with hundreds of property investors and there is one common regret that many of them have. It may come as a surprise but the biggest regret is always….


Learn how to become a property investor

May 2nd, 2012|

Learn how to become a property investor

So you would like to become a property investor? That’s great news and it can change your life for the better. In this blog we look at how you can learn how to become a property investor.

How to become a property investor – Step one: Reading

Reading books on property investment is often a great place to start. Would-be investors are often inspired to take the next step after reading books and there are many titles to choose from. Some are linked directly to property investment while others advise on wealth creation and investment in general.