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Pension Crisis UK – It’s Getting Worse

Pension Crisis UK

The Pension Crisis UK is here

If there is one thing guaranteed not to cheer your day up  it is the thought that our retirement years are going to be financially bleak. Unfortunately, with the current pension crisis UK citizens are choosing to either neglect to take out a pension plan or are investing in a inefficient pension.


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Hill Quays, Manchester

  • Unique option agreement
  • Guaranteed corporate tenant
  • Complete any time up to 2018
  • Fantastic amount of regeneration planned
  • Low money in

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Why you don’t need to pay for a property mentor.

4 ways to get a Property Mentor for Free.

Use a property mentor for help with property investment

Using a property mentor enables you to get property investment advice from someone who has been there and done it.


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Facebook Friday from Rescue my Pension

Facebook friday from rescue my pension

Having a community of loyal and enthusiastic followers on our facebook page is not something we take for granted.

At the time of writing this blog our facebook community has grown to nearly 500 followers, who all enjoy accessing […]

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Why it pays to use a mortgage broker

Property Investors in the UK should use a mortgage broker
As a property investor you should always use a mortgage broker when you need a buy to let mortgage.

In this blog we look at the reasons why.


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