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Two books every property investor should read.

Property Investor books

Are you a property investor or do you intend to be?

Then hopefully you have read these two books. If you haven’t, go out and buy them now.
Rich Dad Poor Dad

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The London Riots. Have they affected UK property prices?

Will Uk Property Prices be affected by the London Riots

The past week has been a dark one in London’s illustrious history. The riots have not only destroyed people’s trust, their communities and businesses; they have also left some investors wondering whether London property prices will be affected.

Initially the riots only occurred in London but they soon spread to other major towns and cities leaving some suggesting that the riots could affect houses prices UK wide.


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Property values crash 10% in one week!

Hard to believe isn’t it, well that’s because it didn’t happen. In fact UK property prices have never dropped so violently in such a short space of time. However shares and more specifically the FTSE 100 did drop quite dramatically last week. Shares are the other main investment vehicle for investors in the UK and many pension funds are reliant on the performance of shares so today we look at

Property vs Shares


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Why we offer “better than no risk” guarantees

Our Guarantees make property investment easy.

Property Investment is a fantastic medium to long term investment – the numbers don’t lie.

A lot of people find it difficult to detach their emotions from their financial decision making. And there lies the problem – emotions. Far more people would see the wisdom of property investment if their decisions were made on sound common sense, but emotions get in the way, cloud the issues and mar the decision making processes.

Emotion gets in the way of your financial progress and keeps you awake at night. Don’t get me wrong, expressing emotion is fantastic. Without emotion we would be like robots. However if robots made our financial decisions for us we would all be a lot wealthier.

It’s these little doubts, thoughts in your head and insecurities that can also hold you back from progressing with your property portfolios. At Rescue my Pension we acknowledge that sometimes investing in property can take you out of your comfort zone. This is why we have our industry leading “better than no risk” guarantees.