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Even if you believe property will never go up in value again you should still invest.

One of the interesting things about property investment is that everyone has an opinion.

The vast majority of people I have encountered believe that property is a good long term investment. Then you have the minorities, the people who think property is a get rich quick option, or who feel property has had its day.

In my […]

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Have the pension companies used a super injunction?

All the talk of who has a super injunction on the news and Twitter this week has been  led us to ask:

Have the pension companies taken out a super injunction?

What are they hiding, what are the media not able to report? Well we can tell you what the pension companies don’t want you to hear. […]

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Take a break from the pension crisis & win a spa package

It’s that time again, we have another free give away!

Rescue my Pension are offering all our facebook page fans a chance to win a luxury spa package. All you have to do is click on the image below or follow this link to enter.

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Property Investment Advice: Why your property investment preconceptions may be costing you money.

We all have predetermined beliefs, and you often hear people passing on property investment advice like:

  • Property is a good long term investment

  • Safe as houses

  • Put your money in bricks and mortar

I for one fully agree with these statements. If you want to be a successful investor you need to be able to see through all the […]

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