Yellow Lettings is now Property Hub Lets!

Over the last 4 years, Yellow Lettings has been proud to offer a premium property management service for portfolio investors.

That hasn’t changed…but as a company, we’ve evolved. And we’re now called Property Hub Lets.


Since the beginning, what’s set us apart as a company is our focus on education. We’ve made it our mission to tell you exactly how to manage property yourself, and to follow that same process if you want us to do it on your behalf.

That’s why we’ve fully integrated into the Property Hub group. There’s no change of ownership, and the team is the same – but by becoming part of a brand that’s renowned for its education and community, we can offer a radically upgraded experience.

If we already manage your property, don’t worry: you’ll be dealing with the same experienced property managers who routinely go above and beyond to make sure you and your tenants have a fantastic experience. You’ll also receive even more education and community support, as well as tighter integration with the other services we offer.

And if we don’t manage your property yet…well, now would be a great time to talk!