RMP Property is now Property Hub Invest!

Over the last 8 years, RMP Property has sourced hundreds of fantastic property investments for our clients.

That hasn’t changed…but as a company, we’ve evolved. And we’re now called Property Hub Invest.

Since the beginning, what’s made us different as a company is our focus on education and goals. We’ve made it our mission to educate you as an investor, and we’ve refused to show you deals before we’ve met you and understood what you want to achieve through property.

That’s why we’ve fully integrated into the Property Hub group. There’s no change of ownership, and the team is the same – but by becoming part of a brand that’s renowned for its education and community, we can offer a radically upgraded experience.

This isn’t a new logo and a new look…it’s a totally new experience.

If you’ve met with us before, we’d love to invite you back in: our industry-leading free strategy meeting has got even better.

You’ll also notice that we’re bringing you even better deals: premium opportunities from the UK’s leading developers, that are perfect for building long-term property wealth. All with unbelievable exclusive discounts!

If you haven’t met us yet…well, now’s the time! Book in for a completely free strategy meeting so we can help you set clear, powerful financial goals…then find you the investments that will help you achieve them.

Property Hub Invest is a complete upgrade, and we’re excited to share this new experience with you.